Web Upload

Upload using XNAT compressed uploader

Uploading DICOM datasets

This is for uploading de-identified DICOM files using the uploader directly from the XNAT website

  1. De-identify DICOM on scanner or upload pc
  2. Zip DICOM files into a zip file
  3. Login to XNAT (see Login to XNAT)
  4. From the top panel, select Upload → Images → Compressed Uploader

  1. Specify the following options:
    • Project
    • Destination: Select Prearchive
    • Choose file to select zipped file with DICOMs

  1. Click Begin Upload Wait for:
    • Upload percent bar to finish (**percent bar may not appear for small datasets)
    • Background processes panel to appear on bottom right
    • Green tick on under Upload extraction/review for archival

For further information refer to the XNAT official guide on using the compressed image uploader