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Uploading Data

Upload data to XNAT Projects
  1. Web Upload (Compressed image uploader)
  2. XNAT data client
  3. CTP

For further information refer to the image session upload methods in XNAT

1 - Web Upload

Upload using XNAT compressed uploader

Uploading DICOM datasets

This is for uploading de-identified DICOM files using the uploader directly from the XNAT website

  1. De-identify DICOM on scanner or upload pc
  2. Zip DICOM files into a zip file
  3. Login to XNAT (see Login to XNAT)
  4. From the top panel, select Upload → Images → Compressed Uploader

  1. Specify the following options:
    • Project
    • Destination: Select Prearchive
    • Choose file to select zipped file with DICOMs

  1. Click Begin Upload Wait for:
    • Upload percent bar to finish (**percent bar may not appear for small datasets)
    • Background processes panel to appear on bottom right
    • Green tick on under Upload extraction/review for archival

For further information refer to the XNAT official guide on using the compressed image uploader

2 - Resource uploader

Resource uploader

This is to create a web upload form for repeated uploads of any data type.

Navigate to Project → Manage → Project Resource Settings → Start

Select Image Sessions. Enter the following required fields

  • Title: e.g. Rawdata
  • Resource Folder: e.g. RAW
  • Extract compressed files by default

Select Add when complete

To upload file(s) using the resource uploader, Upload Additional Files from the Sessions page

3 - Prearchive

XNAT Prearchive

If a dataset has not arrived into your XNAT project, the prearchive would be the place to check

This usually happens when:

  • a DICOM dataset matching an existing session gets resent
  • a part of a session gets uploaded separately

Accessing the prearchive

Go to Upload on the top menu, and Go to prearchive

The following is an example of a session that is in conflict. We can select the session and choose Details.

Here we can download the session, or individual scans. And review the datasets

  • Choose Archive if you want the dataset merged into the existing one on the archive,
  • choose Modify and Archive if any details need to be changed before archiving, or if you don’t want this dataset to merge with the existing one