UQ members

For UQ Staff and Students

Signing into XNAT

Step 1

Open https://xnat.rcc.uq.edu.au

Step 2

Login in with the AAF Single sign-on button (shown below).

Follow the AAF login process for your organisation

Step 3

After the AAF sign-in, you should be redirected back to XNAT (Example below)

There will be no projects listed when signing in for the first-time, as your user account would have just been created.

Proceed to to next section for setting up an XNAT project

Creating XNAT project

For UQ users, XNAT uses UQ-RDM HPC collections for storage allocation.
For any general questions about UQ-RDM, please refer to the library guides

Step 1

Before creating an XNAT project, you’ll require a UQ-RDM HPC Collection

  • HPC collections ends with -Q and a 4-digit numerical identifier (e.g. PROJ001-Q0189)
  • Non-HPC collections end with -A (e.g. PROJ001-A0189) or -I (PROJ001-I0189)

To create a new UQ-RDM HPC Collection, proceed with the following

Open https://rdm.uq.edu.au/create-record and sign-in

Fill in the record as per your project details


Move on to the next step after the RDM collection is provisioned
You should have an RDM collection name ready (e.g. PROJ001-Q0189)

Step 2

Open a ticket with RCC support

Example below (replace __________ with your details)

Subject: Create XNAT project __________

Hello RCC support Can we create an XNAT project for RDM collection __________

Step 3

The support ticket will inform you when the project is set up.

  • An XNAT project will be created with the matching name (e.g. PROJ001-Q0189)
  • An xnat directory will be created in the RDM collection for storing the XNAT data files
  • Please do not write or modify anything under the xnat directory

XNAT Project setup typically takes around ~24 hours from ticket submission
An automated email from XNAT will be sent through when project is ready, and your user has been added