Non-AAF members

Non-University, non-AAF members and other users

This is for users from non-AAF member organisations, including:

  • QLD Health, TRI, QIMR, QLD Xray

Non-AAF members usually require XNAT access for:

  • Management of data acquisition from sites such as CAI, HIRF, TRI
  • Collaborating on projects managed on UQ-RCC XNAT

XNAT uses AAF for login. QCIF/QRIScloud can provide AAF Virtual Home (VHO) accounts for non-AAF users.

Creating an AAF VHO account

Step 1

Open a ticket with RCC support to request an AAF account

Example below (replace __________ with your details)

Subject: XNAT AAF account for project __________

Hello RCC support I require an AAF account to access the UQ AIS XNAT service
My details are below
Organisation: __________
Data Acquisition Site: __________

Step 2

AAF’s VHO account will return an email regarding the VHO account registration process

Step 3

After account is provisioned, continue on to the Signing into XNAT guide

Signing into XNAT

Step 1


Step 2

Login in with the AAF Single sign-on button (See below).

Select the AAF Virtual Home option (See below) and login with your AAF VHO credentials.

Step 3

After the AAF sign-in, you should be redirected back to XNAT (Example below)

There will be no projects listed when signing in for the first-time, as your user account would have just been created.

Accessing XNAT Project

If you are Acquiring data at HIRF, CAI or TRI

  • The respective facility will organise the project creation.
  • You will receive a follow up email when access has been granted
  • Contact if you have not received access within 5 working days

If you are collaborating on an existing XNAT project

  • Contact the project lead to grant you access to the XNAT project