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Browsing XNAT

Browsing XNAT

For further information refer to the XNAT official guides on browsing data

1 - Projects

Managing Projects

When you login into the home page, the list of projects that you have access to will be on the left

  • All datasets have to go into Projects
  • User access is controlled at the project level

1.1 - Granting Access

Granting project access to other users

Switch to the Access tab. Use Add User or Add Users from List to select the user to add

Select role from

  1. Owners
  2. Members
  3. Collaborators

User roles

The following table outlines the permissions given to each role.

Data - Create
Data - Read/Download
Data - Update
Data - Delete
User - Add/Remove
User - Change role

2 - Subjects

Managing Subjects

The Project page will have a list of Subjects If we click one of the subjects… it will take us to the subject page

The Subject will have some associated metadata and name extracted from the DICOM headers of the datasets

Editing Subjects

We can edit subject details and metadata from the actions panel on the right

For instance, if you want to rename the subject You click the button next to the Subject ID

This will pop-up the following dialog box for you enter the new subject. Click modify, and then submit for the changes to take effect.

Just note, subject renaming can take a few minutes to take effect

3 - Sessions

Managing Scan Sessions

Sessions are divided into three types, based on modality information extracted from the DICOM metadata

  • MR
  • CT
  • PET

The following is an example MR session

Editing Sessions

We can edit session details and metadata from the actions panel on the right

Here we can change some of the key properties of the sessions, such as

  • Change session name
  • Move sessions to other projects
  • Move sessions to other subjects
  • Create a new subject, and move session to that subject
  • Fix invalid or blank session names

3.1 - Scans

Accessing individual Scans

The Scans themselves are listed at the bottom with the relevant series descriptions and other information If you hover over one of them, and click the highlighted view details button. This will open up a more details and an image preview window

Here we can also view View DICOM headers

And see the DICOM headers as shown on the right

4 - Search

Search across Projects, Subjects and Sessions

You can search across Projects, Subjects or Sessions And Sessions are broken up into MR, PET and CT

For instance, we can fill a couple of fields on the MR Sessions search You don’t have to specify all the fields

And XNAT will provide a list of results.