Windows Service

Enabling CTP as a Windows Service

The CTP install.bat script uses Apache procrun. Use the following steps to enable CTP as a Windows service, including an update to use a JRE other than system default (leave out step 2 if using the system default JRE)

  1. Install CTP
    java -jar CTP-installer.jar
  2. To use JRE other than system default, edit <ctp-home>/windows/install.bat. Find the –Jvm=auto, add –JavaHome entry and set both as follows
    --JavaHome="<jre home> " ^
    --Jvm="<jre-home>\bin\server\jvm.dll" ^
    • ^ is needed to wrap/continue command line in batch file
    • The jvm.dll location under is the same for JRE 1.7 and 1.8 installs. Confirm this is the case for other JREs/JDKs
  3. Run install.bat as Administrator to create the CTP windows service
    cd <ctp-home>/windows
  4. Open Windows Services as Administrator and start the CTP service
  5. Open CTP administration page in Web browser
  6. Confirm the correct JRE is reported in Admin → System Properties and/or Admin → Log Viewer → ctp.log


  • Installation paths are set in install.bat during CTP install so it won’t work if you move the CTP folder somewhere else after install
  • If removing the service (with uninstall.bat) leaves the service stuck in delete pending state, reboot the system to complete

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