CTP Installation

Installing CTP on Windows 10

CTP installation steps

  1. Create a new user for CTP on UQ RCC XNAT (not an AAF/OpenID user) with required project access, without admin access
  2. Download the following files
  3. Install CTP using:
    cd INSTALL_FOLDER (replace with your actual folder)
    java -jar CTP-installer.jar
  4. Replace CTP/config.xml with ctp_clinical_site_to_xnat_config.xml
  5. Edit CTP/config.xml
    • Change “xxxx.xxxx” in two “url” tags to “”
    • Change “xxxx” username and password tags to match new user from step 1
    • If CTP internet access is via a proxy server, add the proxy server element to the Server config
      <Server ...>
      Once this element is added proxy server settings can be updated in the CTP Launcher GUI
  6. Add CTP the anonymiser script
    • Copy CTP/scripts/DicomServiceAnonymizer.script to CTP/scripts/dicom-anonymizer-sender.script
    • Add the PROJECTID parameter to the list of parameters at the start of the file
      • <p t="PROJECTID">my xnat project id</p>
    • Change the PatientComments element 0010,4000 to set XNAT project routing info
      • @always()@append(){Project:@param(@PROJECTID) Subject:@contents([0010,0010]) Session:@contents([0008,0050])}
    • Review/set other parameters at the start of the file
      • PROFILENAME, eg. AIS-Clinical-Site-210604
      • DATEINC, eg. 0
    • Optional: review script to check anonymisation settings are appropriate
  7. Start CTP GUI
    java -jar Launcher.jar
  8. Click the CTP “Start” button
  9. Click the “CTP Home Page” button to open the Web UI
    • If the browser can’t connect, check CTP is not already running, or try changing the Server port
  10. Login
    • Top RHS banner should show “Welcome admin”
  11. Optional: click “User Manager” to change default usernames/passwords
  12. Optional: click “DICOM Anonymizer” to view/edit anonymiser script
  13. Unzip DCMTK and MrBrain dicom sample
  14. Try sending an dicom to CTP using dcmtk
    cd dcmtk-3.6.5-win64-dynamic/bin
    dcmsend localhost 25055 ../../dicom_viewer_Mrbrain/MRBRAIN.DCM
  15. Login to the XNAT server with an admin account to view Prearchive
    • Use “Upload” → “Go to prearchive”
    • DICOM should appear in “Receiving” status, with project id assigned from step 6
      • Optional: non-admin users need to search by subject/etc
    • Use Refresh to check when “Ready” or it disappears from list (as it has been routed to the project)
    • Debugging: use dcm2xml from DCMTK to check anonymised dicom file under CTP/roots/FileAfterAnonymization25055
  16. Logout and login with the new XNAT user from step 1
  17. Navigate to the project set in step 6
    • You should see the dicom listed as subject “1737775597”
  18. Use subject “1737775597” → “MR Session” → “View Images” to view the uploaded image
  19. Try a dicom send from the scanner using PC address and port 25055 (check windows firewall settings?)
  20. Enable CTP as a Windows Service. Instructions here

Further information

If you need a different commit of CTP-installer

git clone
cd CTP/products
git checkout <commit> CTP-Installer.jar

If you need other AIS CTP config files

git clone
cd configuration/CTP

CTP documentation links:


CTP DICOM Anonymizer